Medica Gateway, a new outsourcing firm based in the USA, is driven to succeed. With our sub-office in Pakistan, we want to take over the world of business. With the help of our highly skilled and talented employees, we are eager to break boundaries and create our imprint in the business world.

We proclaim to be issue solvers in this fast-moving technological and globalized age. We will fix and help you with your problems because we follow current trends and traditions while keeping the delicate balance of a world that is always changing. This makes us one of the most professional and promising platforms for outsourcing. Several companies rely on us for quality services, which we provide with the utmost attention and expertise.

It is an outsourcing platform that offers businesses a wide range of highly efficient and effective services. We all know that surviving and progressing in today’s highly competitive technology world is complex. An organization’s success depends on its ability to keep up with

The rapid pace of change requires adapting to new technology, trends, and conventions while maintaining a sense of equilibrium amidst this constant flux. We can help! We’ve built a small but competent team to help companies. Our workforce is well-versed in all corporate divisions.

Medica Gateway’s History:

It is still our aim today, as it was in the days of our founder, to help our member firms become more globally competitive via tech-friendly public policy. Medica Gateway was founded to make a noticeable change in business. After years of hard work and constant struggle, we’ve grown into a well-known organization. As a result, we’ve put together a strong team of experts committed to contributing significantly to the success of our company. Medica Gateway started delivering 24/7 services to its consumers. We’ve assembled a fantastic team of business advisory, medical billing, HR, and IT experts to help us achieve our lofty goal of being the best at all we do.

Our Purpose:

Our shared beliefs unite us despite our diverse cultural and racial origins. They specify what our customers can expect from us, how we should interact with one another, and how we should hold ourselves and one another accountable for keeping our promises. They set the tone for our activities and enabled us to achieve our goals. People are everything to us. We provide our employees with the freedom and resources to develop innovative solutions that benefit our customers, our communities, and everyone globally. By sticking to these five core ideas, we can work toward our mission to build trust in society and deal with important problems.

Medica Gateway Services:

Medica Gateway started small but has grown into one of Pakistan’s most promising and devoted outsourcing firms. Our various services to our customers bolstered their faith in us. The following are some of our most popular offerings.

  • Medical Billing

  • Medical Coding

  • Business Consultation

  • HR Outsourcing

  • IT Services

Medica Gateway’s customers have expressed their satisfaction with our services and believe in us for future projects. We are boosting the company’s growth amid difficult times. In the past, Medica Gateway’s foresight has enabled its customers to be prepared for any situation.


Our aims and objectives:

The primary objective of our business is to assist with the back-office operations of multinational companies, and we do this from Pakistan. Medica Gateway works in medical billing, medical coding, business consulting, human resources outsourcing, information technology support, and various IT solutions.

All-in-one services setup

The primary objective of our business is to assist with the back-office operations of multinational companies, and we do this from Pakistan. Medica Gateway works in medical billing, medical coding, business consulting, human resources outsourcing, information technology support, and various IT solutions.

Managing all your problems

Taking care of your difficulties, using the right brain and the ideal method, we would solve your problems like shooting fish in a barrel. We help companies that are already in business run more efficiently by offering them services that are tailored to their needs.

Maintaining the quality of services

It was possible for customers to contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week via a dedicated consultation desk, thanks to the way we listened to their ideas and tailored our services to meet their specific requirements. We vow to be there for you while you transform your dreams into reality. You can rely on Medica Gateway to assist you in achieving your financial goals.


Customer-centricity is the driving force behind our client retention and organic growth. Regardless of how big or small your company is, you can depend on us to provide the support you need to keep things running smoothly.

Assisting in growing your business

Medica Gateway is a prominent supplier of medical billing solutions for small and medium-sized healthcare practices. Our customers will use our complete solutions to make patient care more accessible and better, increase income, and cut administrative work and costs.

Trustworthy team

At any moment, you may rely on our team of highly experienced and well-equipped personnel to carry out your requests. We will help you solve your problems, fix your weaknesses, and use our great knowledge to make your business run better and make more money.