Today’s patients are used to discovering answers with only a few mouse clicks. These patients have grown incredibly tech-savvy and anticipate the same degree of responsiveness and customer service as other customers. MedicaGateway has a distinct edge compared to other marketing firms since it only targets the healthcare sector. Each week, team members from MedicaGateway assess patient catchment system flaws and provide and execute immediate fixes.

Ensure the Success of Your Current Staff

The Patient Experience Management (PEM) service by MedicaGateway is the culmination of these best practices. The PEM program offers scalable solutions to assist new patient conversions, lower patient no-show rates, and provide front office staff members a venue for continuing role-playing to break destructive behaviors that could negatively affect the patient experience.All patient-facing employees must get training on the new patient process and be coached on appropriately nurturing these patients throughout the patient care journey before engaging in any direct-to-patient marketing or procedure-specific marketing initiatives.

Streamlining your work

With MedicaGateway’s Flow Management Services, you can ensure a smooth patient experience. Advanced patient flow management software from MedicaGateway facilitates the transition between walk-ins and pre-booked patients. Patients may depend on the system’s smartphone notifications to keep track of their appointments and plan their schedules appropriately. This eliminates administrative work and maximizes the efficiency of healthcare workers.

Adaptive Dashboard

Adopt a system for real-time monitoring and reporting. You can control your healthcare facilities and self-service equipment from a central healthcare office and receive the information you need to create an exceptional patient experience.Strategic reports generated by the system are used to make future choices to deliver superior healthcare services while assuring improved resource allocation and strategic planning to improve the efficiency of your facilities.

Smart Payments

A wide range of simple payment options, including credit and debit cards, health savings accounts, and electronic checks, may help you collect more money. Reduce the need for third-party collections and the likelihood of bad debt by collecting more payments before and after treatment.

Managing Messages and queries

The promise of the maintained quality of service and how it is supported are the starting points of our management method. Following the brand strategy, our consultants conduct market research to identify the most critical influences on consumer behavior, the attitudes that need to be reinforced, and those that need to be overcome. This method guarantees that message mapping is a creative process based on research. According to our research, perception and language are crucial in motivating behavior.