Too many manual processes are involved in having a provider certified with a payer, including filling out application papers, answering inquiries from payers, and following up to finish the credentialing request. You may use MedicaGateway’s Provider Credentialing Services to keep your information current with payers.

A crucial stage in the revenue cycle is provider credentialing, which is having a doctor or other provider linked with payers. Through the method, patients may use their insurance cards to pay for their medical services, and the provider can receive payment for their services.

Disputes Over In-Network Contracts

Successful contract negotiation is the first step in building your facility to the desired quality. MedicaGateway will take advantage of certain conditions to guarantee the best pricing for each physician, such as patient volumes in a specific area.

State License Records

You need a license to operate a medical practice. We guarantee that your claim is active and does not interfere with the continuity of your operations.

Maintaining Documentation

We maintain a complete list of documents such as licenses, DEA/CDS, vendor certificates, liability insurance, training documents, bank letters, and everything you need to manage information.Our web application has a supplier information database that can be checked anytime. Providers and hospitals can feel protected against data loss. We offer a range of simple services and track all documents.