Medical coding turns complex medical information into simple codes to keep medical records and charge insurance companies. This uniform medical coding system allows patients’ health information to be kept track of more quickly. This system speeds up the transmission of medical records. When it comes to being paid, medical billing and coding are the most crucial aspects of the process. Even the tiniest mistake might result in a payment delay. As a healthcare professional, billing and coding are necessary, but they may get in the way of delivering high-quality treatment. Even though medical billing and coding might take up a full-time job, it pays well when done correctly. A well-functioning financial system is critical to your Organization’s success. Your patientcentered treatment suffers when you spend time and money on medical billing and coding. Your hospital can free up capital and time by getting help with medical billing and coding. Staff in healthcare companies’ medical billing and coding departments utilize software to track patients’ medical data. Patients would benefit even more from the simple payment option. Medica Gateway works with many excellent hospitals and has the most affordable medical coding and billing services.

Why do you need Medica Gateways medical coding services?

Medical coding applies uniform alphanumeric codes to healthcare services supplied, such as medical diagnosis, treatments, and services offered, and the use of medical equipment and supplies. A medical coder consults the patient’s medical record (e.g., doctor notes, test results, and service lists). Coding medical records is a complicated process that starts with getting the correct information from existing records, assigning diagnostic and procedure codes, and submitting claims to insurance companies, among other things. This requires experienced personnel; here at Medica Gateway, we understand the complexity of the work and take care of your worries. The following are some of the reasons why you need Medica Gateways’ medical coding and medical billing services:

Claim denials may be reduced with proper medical coding

To get correct payments, medical coding must be of high quality. Medical coding mistakes can be costly and cause claims to be denied. They can also cause unnecessary compliance concerns and extra costs. Medica gateways have medical coders that are certified to work for Medica. CPC (Certified Professional Coders) and CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) are two credentials that show that our staff is the best at medical coding.

Requirements dictated by the payer

Here at Medica Gateway, medical coding is performed following the comprehensive work instructions provided by our clients, based on relevant clinical data. Medical coding is carried out following the protocols set by our clients via specific work instructions based on the clinical data that is readily accessible to the coder. The work of a medical coder is scrutinized by a skilled coding auditor with the necessary training and credentials. Code correctness and turnaround time are guaranteed to the highest standards in the industry.

Auditing Services for Medical Coding

Many of our customers have asked us to conduct an audit of the code written by their foreignbased team members, and we have done so. Audits by our skilled medical billing auditors ensure accuracy and adherence to established practices.

Denial of Service Coding

In addition to reviewing rejected claims and changing codes, our coding team also tries to get more money from payers by resubmitting claims.