Nothing is more essential to the revenue cycle’s success than having highly effective systems for managing claims denials and accounts receivable. These revenue cycle procedures assess whether a company’s finances are stable or barely scraping by. You can depend on Medica Gateway to provide you with substantial net returns on the resources invested in this crucial area of your business, whether you choose to outsource all of your revenue cycle management operations to them or simply the essential AR and Denial Management duties.

AR Administration

MedicaGateway handles all significant AR management operations, such as submitting appeals, assessing low insurance pay, updating insurance contracts, managing unapplied balances, managing refunds, and processing patient statements and delinquent letters.

Management of Denials

Reduce wasted reimbursements and denials with highly efficient systems and services tailored to your requirements. Improve your ability to recover unpaid claims. MedicaGateway efficiently tracks and handles timely follow-up on all outstanding shares, ensuring no time is wasted in pursuing every possible recovery.

The Appropriate Value Equation (AVE)

AR & Denial Management is time-consuming, and most practices (and billing businesses) do not dedicate enough resources to maximize recovery. MedicaGateways’s services are highly functionalized and backed by software tools that often result in a considerable net gain in reimbursement for each client practice, making outsourcing this function a positive value equation.

Reporting and Workflow

Precision dedicates dedicated people, well trained and experienced in denial management, to this critical function. MedicaGateway’s team uses technological solutions that enable well-managed and fast follow-up on all underpaid claims. These same workflow technologies provide comprehensive and helpful reporting, highly apparent work on denied claims, and hold all personnel accountable for this activity.

Use of Analytics

Claim denials could be caused by several operations in the revenue cycle chain. Denial problems frequently relate to certain facilities or practices. We know the patterns in claim denials, and we’ve started an iterative approach to minimize them by focusing on their root causes.